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Present-day research work requires, in more and more fields, the use of powerful calculus tools and the construction of specific software to tackle determined kinds of problems. It is due to this that much time and effort is dedicated to the elaboration of software and a large part of economic resources goes to the acquisition of more powerful calculus machines.

Resources and tools are being developed by diverse research groups or individually in different disciplines. That suggests that the creation of a research community which interlinks them would allow an intellectual or social dynamics environment in which specialist and non-specialist audiences are able to collaborate as well as making optimum use of human and material resources.

Whereas beforehand the emphasis was only on solving computational issues relating to the high-performance processing of data, at present, there is an interest in the development of technologies and communities that constitute e-research.

Many efforts have been made by us to create this infraestructure to generate support for Nonlinear Dynamics, making it accessible via a web-based service which will encourage researchers and learners through an intensive focus on education, training and to resolving usability issues.

This project is not a closed one, but open to the collaboration of whoever whishes to participate in the initiative of creating a library of useful programas which can serve researchers in Dynamics Systems in general.


NonDyWeb Tools team.